National Caesar Day

Why is Canada's National Cocktail, The Bloody Caesar, celebrated on a Thursday as National Caesar Day? 

In 2009, an American juice company took the initiative to launch a petition advocating for the Caesar Cocktail to be designated as Canada's National Cocktail. In commemoration of the cocktail's 40th anniversary, a successful marketing campaign was launched by a former mayor of Calgary and the aforementioned American juice company. This campaign declared the Thursday before the May long weekend as National Caesar Day.

However, the choice of Thursday raised eyebrows. Who would have thought of enjoying Caesars on a Thursday? While it's true that many indulge in Caesars on Thursdays, is it truly fitting for that day to be our National Caesar Day? Many Canadians argue that the perfect day for such a designation is Sunday.

Across the nation, bars, restaurants, and pubs commonly feature Caesar specials on Sundays. Sunday, also known as Caesar Sunday, has become synonymous with brunch, long weekend camping, post-Saturday night recovery, early morning airport drinks, football watching, slo-pitch and hockey games, and much more. It's a day embedded in Canadian culture as the ideal occasion to savour the beloved Caesar cocktail.

Well... We want to correct this mistake and need your help.

Lend your name to the official "Change National Caesar Day To Sunday" campaign petition.

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